Thuy An Baptism’s Day

Dear Guests,

In this special occasion day, Mai and Marco have prepared a special menu for Thuy An Baptism’s Day.  We would like you  to choose the main course using the below form to well coordinate the evening.  You must first choose what you would like to eat using your full name and email address and then choose what you would like for your guest by repeating the same steps using your guest’s full name. You can use your own email address for both entries if you would prefer. If either you or your guest are allergic to certain ingredients then please specify.

Cocktail bites

Mini Yakitory Chicken

Fish Tartar

Assorted Tempura

First Course

Maki Platter

Second Course

  Ceviche Seafood

Third Course

Miso Soup

Fourth Course

Green Salade

Main Course

Beef My Life or Black Cod Miso

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